Federal Tax Credits, which will reduce the “Pay Back Time".

*Once SRCC Certification is acquired we will be offering all State and

The Solar Spot 7 –  The Self Powered Potable Hot Water System.


  • We have 5 Utility Patents in the works!
  • Two of the Patents have already been approved!
  • Our Black Solar Tubing Converts Sunlight to Heat Energy that can be used for many purposes such as Hot Water, HVAC, Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools.
  • Our Solar Spot 7 Systems are 94% Efficient.
  • We have 5 System Sizes, 2 Foot, 4 Foot, 4 Foot Portable, 6 Foot, and 8 Foot. A System for every application.
  • Our System Design is a vast improvement over our competition. First, our Systems sit on the Ground, not on the Roof. Second, we use no harsh Chemicals. Third, our Systems track the Sun from Sunup to Sundown, improving the efficiency by at least 40%. Fourth, our Systems are “Stand Alone” and use no Power from the Grid. Fifth, our Systems use a Mixing Valve to keep the water at just the right temperature for the Consumer by mixing cooler water with the “Hot Water” to adjust it to the desired temperature for use.
  • Our Ownership Units are only $1.00 each and we have up to $8,000,000 for sale. We will maintain 60% Ownership.
  • Our Systems can be used for Residential, Business, and Industrial Applications.
  • We pay back their “Initial Investment” by Splitting the Profit 50/50 until they have been paid back this dollar amount.
  • We will have 3 separate companies. Sonshine Development, LLC that will manufacture the Solar Spot 7 Systems, Sonshine Installation, LLC that will Install the Systems and Sonshine Distribution, LLC that will Distribute many of the Items that we use to Manufacture the Solar Spot 7 Systems such as Solar Panels, Dual-Axis Controllers, Solar Batteries, Differential Temperature Controllers, 12v Solar Pumps and various types of Tubing.
  • The profits made from all Sales outside the United States will be shared with all of our Investors.
  • Avinash Laddha will be building a plant here in the United States to make our Black Solar Tubing as well as several other types of tubing. Profits from the Sales of the other types of  Tubing will be shared with our Investors.
  • We plan to file at least 1 Patent each year. These Patents will be the property of Sonshine Development, LLC.  The Value of our Company will increase each time we add to our IP (Intellectual Property).